Ohio Prenuptial Agreement



Why have a prenuptial agreement? 

In Ohio, a prenuptial agreement is a contract between a man and a woman in contemplation, and in consideration, of their future marriage whereby the property rights and economic interests of either the prospective wife or husband, or both, are determined and set forth in the agreement.  

Simply purchasing a generic prenuptial form agreement online won't help you.  The law of each state is different regarding prenuptial agreements, and a generic form may contain clauses which will not be enforced by Ohio courts.  Our prenuptial agreement is tailored to Ohio law and fully enforceable in Ohio courts.

Prenuptial agreements in Ohio are enforceable if certain conditions relating to disclosure and consent are met.  The detailed prenuptial guidebook accompanying our prenuptial agreement clearly explains these conditions so that you can comply with Ohio prenuptial law.

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For many of us, this is our first shot at marriage.  And while it’s meant to last forever, sometimes it does not.  A prenuptial agreement is there to protect you, just in case . . . .